This one goes to the dogs.....errrr the pelican?!

This one goes to the dogs.....errrr the pelican?!



Today's Throwback Thursday images have been taken from the Harry Priest collection. Harry and his wife, Lily, were long-time Merritt residents. They arrived in Merritt in 1908. Lily was a school teacher, and Harry became well known as an avid outdoorsman and local photographer. His images, taken in studio and around the Nicola Valley, survive today as a chronicle of Merritt's history.


We're quite certain many of our upcoming thursdays will frontline Harry Priest photographs because there are so many amazing pictures we'd love to share.


The images for today are sure to put a smile on your face - cuteness wrapped up in Harry's quirky sense of humour (esepcially in our first image).

The picture itself, isn't overly spectacular, but the caption is the kicker "Black and White Pelican whose beak holds more than his belican." Good one Harry! I wonder where he found this pelican? Perhaps it was one of the many critters raised by the Albrecht's out at their fox farm?


PHF145 Black and White Pelican


Here is a cute little fawn, posed just perfectly, sporting a little jingle bell collar. It looks as though this shot was taken in studio. There are numerous pictures of fawns amongst the collection.

PHF210 Fawn


Also in the studio, sit these two adorable cocker spaniel pups. I love the look on both of their little faces. I can just picture someone dangling some tantalizing dog biscuits beside Harry.


PHF247 Cocker Spaniel Puppies


This might be the cutest picture I've seen in a while!


PHF248 Four Pom Puppies


This is an advertisement for Harry Priest in the Merritt Herald (August 28, 1931)

Merritt Herald - August 28, 1931

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend....see ya next Thursday!


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  1. Andrew Desiderio:
    Sep 09, 2016 at 10:52 AM

    I am the very proud owner of an original Harry Priest photo which is still in it's original H. Priest Merritt , B.C. marked,decorative cardboard type frame. All of it is in almost new condition.
    The photo shows a man on horse back and the horse is garnished with silver medallions and such,on his saddle,chest strap and bridal ( a man of some means to have such a well dressed horse in those days). He is also wearing a fancy White cowboy hat and light colored clean cloths. Most likely not a common cow hand !
    Although I am not a Canadian. I very proud to say I have this wonderful piece as part of my collection.
    God Bless Lily and Harry.

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