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Closed Saturday, Sunday and Statuatory Holidays.

Summer: 10:00am - 3:00pm Monday;
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Closed Sunday and Stat Holidays.

Archive hours: One hour after opening to one hour before closing.

Phone ahead to (250) 378-4145 if you are planning a special visit or research trip to Merritt.


Gallery - Nicola Valley Archives

  • Quilchena_Ave

    Quilchena Ave - 1918

  • PP69 Ed Tillery Aspen Grove MNV-07-16.jpg

    PP69: Ed Tillery Aspen Grove

  • PN117-960x450.jpg

    PN117: Mealtime. (c. 1898) -from the Dr. Sutton Album.

  • PPS02-First_City_Council-960x450.jpg

    PPS02: Merritt's First City Council 1911

  • PPS50-Volunteer_Fire_Brigade_1925-960x450.jpg

    PPS50: Merritt Volunteer Fire Brigade - 1925

  • PR199_Harvesting_oats_at_Douglas_Lake-960x450.jpg

    PR199: Harvesting oats at Douglas Lake.

  • Merritt_Herald-19100107-960x450.jpg

    Merritt Herald Newspaper: January 7, 1910.

  • PT87_Thynnes_Stopping_House_Otter_Valley_Road-960x450.jpg

    PT87: Thynne's Stopping House, Otter Valley Road

  • PS204_1913_Nicola_Polo_Team-960x450.jpg

    PS204: 1913 Nicola Polo Team

  • PT90_Stage_at_Nicola_Lake-960x450.jpg

    PT90: Stage at Nicola Lake