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Heritage Homes

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Good Neighbours

Heritage Homes and Neighbourhoods

The importance of historic houses and neighbourhoods to our communities is a theme that many people can relate to. While ornate historic houses are what many people think of first when they hear “heritage”, established, stable and attractive neighbourhoods make an equally important contribution to the community, creating a positive sense of well being, enjoyment, and security.

The theme explores the character and warmth of historic homes, and the timeless appeal of established, older neighbourhoods with vintage house styles, gardens, landscaping, trees and boulevards. Often close to the town centre and developed in an era when the automobile was a less dominant feature of daily life, older neighbourhoods lend themselves to a more sustainable lifestyle. Neighbourhoods and districts from earlier eras also promote a layered sense of community history and contribute to visual appeal and variety. They enhance community attractiveness and livability.

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Nicola Valley Heritage Homes

The 2013 British Columbia Heritage Week theme has been approached with enthusiasm. Members of the Nicola Valley Museum & Archives; the Bailiie House Historic Site; the Heritage Commission; Shaw Cable; CBC Radio; and Merritt Broadcasting have worked closely to promote the theme.

Four Merritt home owners have welcomed the photographers into their homes to document the interiors. Additional photographs were taken in the museum parlour display.

This gallery is a sampling of the photographs produced by Mavis Polmans for 2013 Heritage Week.